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Intensive Personal Sessions

Your customized healing/mentoring session

Do you wish to experience the healing power of any of these modalities?
You are at the right place.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)
Sound Healing and Meditative Therapies
Quantum Energy Healing
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If you wish to discover the principles of The Law of Attraction (LOA), or explore the effects of evolving consciousness, you are at the right place.

Techniques and principles are good only if they can help you bring about the change you desire. Malabika’s personal sessions are designed to support you in just that. She gently guides you with tools, techniques and conversations to realign you with your own Spiritual Intelligence. You will learn many simple and elegant ways to train your mind and reconnect with your inner guidance. Sessions are designed to support you in unfolding the power of your creative self.

You may sign up for a private individual energy healing, personal empowerment or spiritual mentoring session. Also see Mentoring Program

Personal Healing and Energy Clearing Session: In Person

Energy Clearing and Personal Mentoring session.

Usually held at - 8 Hay Road, Newton MA
(Or, at a pre-designated location when Malabika is traveling)

Duration of the session – 75 min.
Price: $ 125.00

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Sessions by Phone or Skype

Malabika offers personal intensive sessions via phone.
First session will be 75 minutes duration and costs $ 125

Follow up sessions (via Phone and Skype only) are charged @ 90 per hour. Sessions may vary from 20 minutes to an hour or more. Prorata charges will apply (Maximum $125).

Payments are accepted via check, cash or credit card and must be made in advance for first time Skype and Phone sessions.

(For Residents of India payment option in Indian Rupees also available through direct Bank Transfer. Please email for details.)


Skype or call Malabika at 617.795.7060
for a 20 minute
FREE consultation


Thanks - that was what I needed - different perspective and hope. Srinivasan S., Gujarat, India.

I felt very clean after the session with you, like the pain was no longer there. It’s like waking up and thinking "now where did that disappear to". So Malabika Thanks a Million for this great break through. To put it in a very mundane way ---- it’s like living with a perpetual toothache until suddenly you feel that its gone. The ache, excessive concern and feelings of pain are just not there -- amazing !!! Gautam M., Kolkata, India

I loved seeing you yesterday!! You make such a huge difference!! Thanks for all that you have done over the past few years. It's truly incredible!!! I am looking forward in seeing what comes next!!
Lori A, Iowa, USA

When the session ended, I walked outside and saw the world with new eyes. I felt, quite literally like a new man. Simply amazing the transformation that can happen in 90 minutes. David A., Texas, USA

I was lucky enough to have a session with Malabika the night before a very important admissions interview for graduate school. It really helped me to let go of my fears of failing or being rejected and focus my mind on the positive outcome I wanted. I am just now finishing up a very successful first year in my graduate program and want to thank Malabika for helping me get started on the right foot! Thanks for helping me reach out fearlessly for what I wanted.
Devin K., Connecticut, USA

I love working with Malabika. It's a wonderful gift to myself. I have just finished a session & I feel wonderful. I feel eased, rejuvenated, full of reassurance, calmness and peaceful energy. Kathryn L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You were right, it all went off well. I want to thank you so much for your help. You have such a gift.
Terri C., Iowa, US

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