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Your mastering of the subject matter is most impressive. This was well done and well presented. I like your humor, your wisdom, your intelligence; you are an excellent facilitator and a charming and caring person.
Mary B

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic presentation – I am already working hard to change my thought patterns.
Barb G

Malabika's presentations have a universal appeal and build on a group's common knowledge. She has the unique gift of making people feel both comfortable and open to new learning.
Linda S

You have a wonderful way of introducing this nebulous field of energy healing arts to the general public.
Carol S

You did a super job. The folks enjoyed your message and loved your warm teaching style.
Dennis K

Malabika's advanced workshop really opened my eyes and heart to this process we call life. The information about our energy field and how to use it was well explained and enlightening. I heard it in a new, more accessible way. And the real fun was that Malabika, with her inimitable spirit and twinkling eyes, created a sacred space safe for us to explore our blocks in a gently, loving way and open to our deepest desires.
Angela R

I so value your wisdom and your calming influence. I hope to inspire in others what you have nurtured in me.
Debby C

Malabika gently guided me in my experiencing that which transcends conventional wisdom.
Noa D

I have a deeper understanding of my world and how to get on the path to inner peace after spending time with Malabika. I encourage others to do the same. Her insights into what troubles us and what gives us joy will amaze you.
Rob S

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