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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Workshops

"About 90% of our negative patterns arise out of
energies from the past." Robert Detzler

What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a system to clear the soul’s path to higher levels of consciousness. This is done by working with the High Self to research the soul records and release discordant energies accumulated over lifetimes. In addition High Self guides us to correct anomalies that may be present at various levels of the soul’s consciousness. SRT provides an exacting, powerful and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live more freely and fully.

There are four main aspects of learning Spiritual Response Therapy

1. Understanding the levels and layers of spiritual reality and the expansion process of the universal consciousness.

2. Establishing and maintaining the connections with higher levels of consciousness and working with these levels for clearing.

3. Learning the art of asking. SRT works on the simple principle ‘Ask and You Shall Receive’. Researching what to ask for and being precise and thorough leads to better results.

4. Learning to operate at the level of the New Paradigm at Radiant Love.

A meticulous step by step protocol has been developed by Robert Detzler based on over 36 charts that he channeled over the past 28 years. SRT is one of the most comprehensive and powerful energy healing modalities known today.

The SRT Advance Certificate Course.

The SRT Advance Certificate Course will be taught in two parts over six days. The course follows Spiritual Response Association curriculum. The Advance SRT course qualifies you as a SRT Personal Practitioner. You can start to practice immediately.

Course Details

Part I: Basic SRT Curriculum Part II: Adv. SRT Curriculum
In this class you will learn:
• Dowsing with a pendulum
• The art of asking questions
• Tuning into your higher guidance
• Removing blocks and interferences
• Spiritual Healing Principles
• Process of the clearing energies of past lives from soul records
• Clearing 13 basic programs.
• Clearing blocks to relationships
• Clearing Blocks to health and abundance
• Releasing old patterns and re-patterning
In this class you will learn:
• Creative process of the soul
• Advanced Energy Clearing process
• Clearing Universal programs, Soul programs
• Clearing Spiritual level Programs
• Inner Child Clearing
• Brain Restructuring
• Homotoxicology
• Clearing organs and glands
• Clearing groups and organizations
• Working closely with Spirit
• Art of deeper investigation
• How to support your clients and more

Pre course preparation: You will be using a pendulum as a dowsing tool for SRT. If you are new to dowsing, please watch these simple instructional videos to help you get started.

Dowsing Part 1
Dowsing Part 2

Post Course Follow up: To ensure that you are comfortable with the system, you will be supported for one month after completion by Malabika with remote energy clearing, online support through skype and email exchanges.

Facilitator: Malabika Shaw, Certified SRT Teacher (since 2006). Malabika became a SRT practitioner in 2003 and a Consultant in 2005.
Read more about Malabika

Forthcoming Online Classes and Schedule

January 2019 Online Basic and Advanced
February 8, 9, 10, 2019 In Person Basic at Boulder CO
March –April 2019 Online Basic and Advanced

Registration and Payments

Basic and Advanced Combined : $ 1020.00


1. Deposit to book a spot: $300

2. Balance amount: $720

This price includes instructions, electronic copies of SRT Class Basic and Advanced class manuals, supplementary material and Charts emailed to you in advance. You will need to arrange for the following*:-
1. Acquire a pendulum
2. Print out the manuals (unless you prefer to refer online)
3. Print out the charts and put them in a folder (necessary for dowsing).
4. Acquire the class text book Soul Recreation by Robert Detzler.
(Available on Amazon and from the SRA.)
5. Get the other recommended books, if you desire.

SRT Basic and Advanced class retake: $ 575.00
SRT Advanced Only class : $ 550.00
SRT Basic Only class : $ 525.00
SRT Advanced retake: $ 300.00
SRT Basic retake: $ 275.00
For these classes please place a deposit of $250.
Seats will be assigned on first come basis within the category.
The balance may be paid once your spot is confirmed.
Your deposit will be returned if the class is already full.


Book your seat : $250


Payments by check may be mailed to reach by scheduled dates to
Malabika Shaw,
8, Hay Road, Newton MA 02459, USA
Or, pay by credit card via Paypal to

Refund Policy:
Full refund will be made for cancellations up to 14 days prior to class. After that deposits will be refunded only if that spot gets filled.
In case of mid-course drop out, there is no refund. It may be possible to join a subsequent class, if space permits, for an additional fee.

For details on how online classes are conducted, technology requirements and registration email

To register, please send your check payable to Vision Wholistic and mail to Malabika Shaw, 8 Hay Road, Newton MA 02459

We thank you for your active role in raising the collective spiritual consciousness!!!

Skype or call Malabika at 617.795.7060
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Thanks - that was what I needed - different perspective and hope. Srinivasan S., Gujarat, India.

I felt very clean after the session with you, like the pain was no longer there. It’s like waking up and thinking "now where did that disappear to". So Malabika Thanks a Million for this great break through. To put it in a very mundane way ---- it’s like living with a perpetual toothache until suddenly you feel that its gone. The ache, excessive concern and feelings of pain are just not there -- amazing !!! Gautam M., Kolkata, India

I loved seeing you yesterday!! You make such a huge difference!! Thanks for all that you have done over the past few years. It's truly incredible!!! I am looking forward in seeing what comes next!!
Lori A, Iowa, USA

When the session ended, I walked outside and saw the world with new eyes. I felt, quite literally like a new man. Simply amazing the transformation that can happen in 90 minutes. David A., Texas, USA

I was lucky enough to have a session with Malabika the night before a very important admissions interview for graduate school. It really helped me to let go of my fears of failing or being rejected and focus my mind on the positive outcome I wanted. I am just now finishing up a very successful first year in my graduate program and want to thank Malabika for helping me get started on the right foot! Thanks for helping me reach out fearlessly for what I wanted.
Devin K., Connecticut, USA

I love working with Malabika. It's a wonderful gift to myself. I have just finished a session & I feel wonderful. I feel eased, rejuvenated, full of reassurance, calmness and peaceful energy. Kathryn L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You were right, it all went off well. I want to thank you so much for your help. You have such a gift.
Terri C., Iowa, US

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