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Mentorship Program for Personal Empowerment

A Spiritual Intelligence Based Coaching Program

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This program is offered in three parts. Each part comprises four individual sessions (in person or online), readings, assignments and follow up.

Sessions are typically two weeks apart. Each part takes roughly two months to complete. The parts must be taken sequentially. You may take a break between each part.

One unique and valuable feature of this program is that Malabika supports you with continual remote Energy clearing throughout the duration of the program while you are in it.

Part One: Cleansing and Clearing old patterns

· Supports clients in identifying old negative patterns both at the conscious and subconscious levels that are blocks to personal power.
· Teaches the principles of the universal laws of energy and higher consciousness.
· Introduces the practice of energy techniques to remove blocks.

Part Two: Consolidating

· Establishes new patterns of thought and behavior in reclaiming personal power.
· Introduces spiritual laws of authentic power.
· Supports in consolidating new behavior through rigorous self assessments.

Part Three: Conscious Creation

· Introduces the principles of fifth and sixth dimensional reality and the Law of Conscious Creation.
· Supports in envisioning and fine tuning desired outcome.
· Teaches techniques of manifestation.

The fee for each part is $500 which includes all material, assignment feedback, energy clearing and four personal online, on phone or face to face sessions.

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I so value your wisdom and your calming influence. I hope to inspire in others what you have nurtured in me.
Debby C

Malabika gently guided me in my experiencing that which transcends conventional wisdom.
Noa D

I have a deeper understanding of my world and how to get on the path to inner peace after spending time with Malabika. I encourage others to do the same. Her insights into what troubles us and what gives us joy will amaze you. Rob S

Malabika both possesses and can draw on a deep understanding and intuitive knowledge of human psychology. I found her counseling and guidance very helpful as I worked through a difficult period in my life.
Steve S. Iowa, USA

Everything I have done with you has become a treasured part of my life.
Phyllis C.

Malabika gently guided me in my experiencing that which transcends conventional wisdom.
Noa D

A sense of peace has come over me that is very comforting.
Bev T

The biggest benefit was the knowledge I gained about my belief systems that go back generations. Understanding the basis to my blocked behavior patterns was so enlightening.
Carol S.

I liked the freedom and that we went where we were guided to.
Steve C.

Your help has been worth many years of therapy!
Carol B.

My perspective in life is incredibly different, in a very good way. I'm happy, relaxed and able to deal with the pressures of work and life.
Rolando C

It was indeed such an unexpected healing and elevating experience. I feel indebted for life. Ashwani K


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