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Sacred Sound Meditation $ 14.00

Sacred Sounds - Sacred Sound Meditation

Learn to meditate with the seed sounds of the seven chakras to move energy. This meditation helps open and balance the chakras – the energy centers of your body.
Download 3 Audio files - Introduction (10 mins), Invocation (2 mins) and Meditation (30 mins)
Shree Movements in Meditation $24.00

Shree Movements in Meditation

(includes S/H)

 ‘Shree’ is the movement of creative energy arising from stillness within, the source, the center. Shree Movements in Meditation restores you to the harmony of Universal Movement, and recreates physical, emotional and spiritual balance and well being. This DVD allows you to learn at your own pace. Meditate with Malabika as you uncover deeper insights through movements. (DVD: 91 minutes)
You – Centered and Balanced $16.00

You Centered and Balanced by Malabika Shaw
(includes S/H)

Let your breath guide you back to the core of who you are. Connect with earth energy and your source for guidance and greater wisdom.  The mellifluous tones of Judy Olson’s flute accompany Malabika Shaw’s voice as she guides you gently to reconnect with the deeper reaches of your mind and being. This is a basic centering and balancing meditation. (CD: 26 minutes)



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Thanks - that was what I needed - different perspective and hope. Srinivasan S., Gujarat, India.

I felt very clean after the session with you, like the pain was no longer there. It’s like waking up and thinking "now where did that disappear to". So Malabika Thanks a Million for this great break through. To put it in a very mundane way ---- it’s like living with a perpetual toothache until suddenly you feel that its gone. The ache, excessive concern and feelings of pain are just not there -- amazing !!! Gautam M., Kolkata, India

I loved seeing you yesterday!! You make such a huge difference!! Thanks for all that you have done over the past few years. It's truly incredible!!! I am looking forward in seeing what comes next!!
Lori A, Iowa, USA

When the session ended, I walked outside and saw the world with new eyes. I felt, quite literally like a new man. Simply amazing the transformation that can happen in 90 minutes. David A., Texas, USA

I was lucky enough to have a session with Malabika the night before a very important admissions interview for graduate school. It really helped me to let go of my fears of failing or being rejected and focus my mind on the positive outcome I wanted. I am just now finishing up a very successful first year in my graduate program and want to thank Malabika for helping me get started on the right foot! Thanks for helping me reach out fearlessly for what I wanted.
Devin K., Connecticut, USA

I love working with Malabika. It's a wonderful gift to myself. I have just finished a session & I feel wonderful. I feel eased, rejuvenated, full of reassurance, calmness and peaceful energy. Kathryn L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You were right, it all went off well. I want to thank you so much for your help. You have such a gift.
Terri C., Iowa, US

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