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Classes and Workshops

Malabika Shaw offers regular classes and workshops on Energy Healing principles, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, Aura and Chakras and Spiritual Intelligence. Online classes are offered regularly and are globally accessible. In location workshops take place in Boston area, in greater Des Moines, as well as New Delhi and other cities in India. Her focus is in teaching how to apply the principles and techniques to create a healthy and abundant life.

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June 14 SRT Conference Online
July 12 SRT Conference Online
August 9 SRT Conference Online
Sept 8 - 10 Basic SRT Training Online
Sept 13 SRT Conference Online
Sept 22 - 24 Advanced SRT Online
Oct 27 - 29 Basic SRT Training Shanghai
Oct 31 - Nov 2 Advanced SRT Shanghai

SRT Conference
Second Wednesday of the month
9 PM to 10 PM EST, via teleconference

This conference is intended to support new practitioners of SRT. There is no charge for this service.

To join ask for contact details email

SRT Shanghai Courses

These courses are offered with Chinese translation.
To register, please contact Program Host
Monica Yi,
+86 13 91 677 7188


Reiki Levels I
Saturday, TBA

Reiki, an energy healing art, removes energy blocks and opens up the flow. It deeply relaxes the body and centers the mind, which in turn powerfully promotes healing at all levels. Reiki complements all other forms of therapy. Reiki is the gateway to the world of Energy Healing now becoming popular. Learn to use Reiki energy for self and others. This class allows for practice time for you to receive and give Reiki.

Student already certified may take the class as a refresher for 50% of the price

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Reiki Levels II

This class is for those who are already attuned to the first level Reiki. You will be attuned to three esoteric symbols of Dr. Usui. The higher vibrations of these symbols are used for empowerment, mental and emotional well-being and for distance healing. This level of Reiki helps unfold your inner knowledge, creativity and intuition.

Student already certified may take the class as a refresher for 50% of the price

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Reiki Level IIIA: Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Master Healer
TBA, $225
(Combined registration for Reiki IIIA & B - $480)

Advanced Reiki Training attunes you to the Master level healing symbols and expands the understanding and experience of healing consciousness. You will learn to use specific Reiki tools -- sound vibrations, Crystals, color and others for focused and powerful healings and the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

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Reiki Level IIIB: Reiki Master Teacher Training

TBA, $300
(Combined registration for Reiki IIIA & B - $480 - save $45)

In this Master Reiki Training class you will learn the art of attuning others and passing on the Reiki attunements. This class is designed to give you an in depth understanding of the process of evolution of conscious energy and how Reiki can be integrated with several healing modalities.

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki levels upto 3 A.

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Reiki Level IIIA and Reiki IIIB
(combined registration)

Reiki Refresher
(for already certified) $150


Speaking Engagements

Malabika Shaw will be delighted to address your organization, club or group in the Greater Des Moines area and any other location. She has addressed staff, students and clients in the following organizations on Mind-Body Energy Fields, Energy Healing, Meditation, Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Stress Management. more info...

Skype or call Malabika at 617.795.7060
for a 20 minute
FREE consultation


Your mastering of the subject matter is most impressive. This was well done and well presented. I like your humor, your wisdom, your intelligence; you are an excellent facilitator and a charming and caring person.
Mary B

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic presentation – I am already working hard to change my thought patterns.
Barb G

Malabika's presentations have a universal appeal and build on a group's common knowledge. She has the unique gift of making people feel both comfortable and open to new learning.
Linda S

You have a wonderful way of introducing this nebulous field of energy healing arts to the general public.
Carol S

You did a super job. The folks enjoyed your message and loved your warm teaching style.
Dennis K

Malabika's advanced workshop really opened my eyes and heart to this process we call life. The information about our energy field and how to use it was well explained and enlightening. I heard it in a new, more accessible way. And the real fun was that Malabika, with her inimitable spirit and twinkling eyes, created a sacred space safe for us to explore our blocks in a gently, loving way and open to our deepest desires.
Angela R

I so value your wisdom and your calming influence. I hope to inspire in others what you have nurtured in me.
Debby C

Malabika gently guided me in my experiencing that which transcends conventional wisdom.
Noa D

I have a deeper understanding of my world and how to get on the path to inner peace after spending time with Malabika. I encourage others to do the same. Her insights into what troubles us and what gives us joy will amaze you.
Rob S

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