Relationship Coaching

Is your relationship growing or is it draining your energy?

Are you wondering where, when and how the magic of your relationship began to wane?

Do you really wish to have the best outcome in your relationship for both of you?



Loving with Greater Awareness -- a coaching program for couples.
(Please do not mistake this to be marriage counseling, because it is not).

Here is an opportunity for couples to learn about the deeper energetic patterns that drive relationships. There is much more going on in the energetic realm than what meets the eye. Which parts of you do you consciously bring into the relationship? What hidden and buried subconscious programs is your partner triggering in you?

This program helps you to see your relationship through the energy prisms. It offers a safe space for both of you to explore all aspects of your relationship  -- from love and sexual intimacy to power, money and control issues.  Identify patterns that do not serve you and learn why they get triggered.  Some of the roots of these problems will surprise you. You will also learn techniques to change these patterns to create a space for greater loving.

This program helps you shift the focus from the other person to the self. When you start to empower yourself, you start to see positive changes.

Duration and cost: This program is private for couples. It constitutes four sessions each of two hours duration, in which both partners are willing to participate. Sessions will follow within one to two weeks of the other. A mutually workable schedule will be set upon your registration.


Cost per session is $160 per couple.
Full cost is $640.

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