Mentoring Program
Awaken your Spiritual Intelligence

Your soul is endowed with unique gifts you bring to earth to share. Discovering these gifts gradually aligns you to you higher purpose. An exciting journey of courage and commitment.
This program supports you in realizing your uniqueness, your genius and your innate gifts and aligns you with your soul's journey. Become who you came to be, do what you came to do and live your essence in full measure in service to the whole. It is time.

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Each set of the Mentoring Package offers you:

  • Five hours of video interactive sessions on zoom.
  • The hours are spread over 4-6 sessions over 2 months.
  • Assignments to be done in the interim periods.
  • Additionally 30 minutes of support via email, short texts or voicemail.
  • Remote clearing to hold energetic space for your inner work, up to 60 minutes.
  • Personalized Sessions
    The focus of each session is customized in close consultation with you based on your knowledge, need, desire, pace and circumstances. Each session is personalized.
    This Program is 100% hands on as all concepts are delivered around your life experiences. Structured assignments between sessions helps you take little steps towards big goals.
    While you are registered in the Mentoring Program, I will remotely clear energy for you and hold energetic space for your work to proceed smoothly.

    Topics covered
    - Gene Keys Personal Profile
    - the Journey of the Soul between Spirit and Earth
    - Laws of Creation and Mind Action
    - the new science of Heart Power
    - tools of transformation and more ...
    A one on one interview with me gives you a chance to learn more

    Email to register and set up an interview or
    call for a chat at +1.515.720 9520.
    One Mentoring Package: $580 USD

    I really appreciate your style of facilitation. You hold the knowledge space in a way that's very loving and accepting of all of us on the path so thank you!
    Linda H. Texas, USA

    Malabika both possesses and can draw on a deep understanding and intuitive knowledge of human psychology. I found her counseling and guidance very helpful as I worked through a particularly difficult period in my life.
    Steve S, Iowa, USA

    Malabika is truly amazing- she has been the catalyst for so much positive change in my life. Each time I work with Malabika, I feel I am evolving to be my best self for both my personal happiness and for those I interact with on a daily basis. She did a number of sessions with me and they were personally transformative. Malabika has the unique ability to help one understand and accept oneself - a rare gift. I highly recommend you make the life changing decision to work with her!
    Michelle P Texas, USA.