Welcome to the Journey of your Soul, an insightful process of self-discovery and spiritual growth.
Unlock the mystery of your unique connection to the expanding consciousness of the universe, embedded in your DNA.

Let our life transforming mentoring processs reveal your hidden gifts and Spiritual Intelligence to serve your Soul's Higher Purpose in this lifetime. Clear blocks with focused intention, Spiritual Response and other elegant Energy Healing practices..

It was indeed such an unexpected healing and elevating experience. I feel indebted for life. - Ashwani Khurana, Businessman, New Delhi, India

Greatness lives within all of us. It is a Universal certainty. Unlocking that greatness requires a key. Malabika Shaw and her programs are that key. My life is a BLAST. -Steve C, Wild Life Photographer, USA

The impact of the class is still rippling like crazy in my life. I have made two very important decisions and have been moving forward with full steam since that Sunday. Thank you so much from the depths of my soul, thank you! -Angela R, California, USA

SRT has provided me a ‘peek behind the curtain’ of another world of assistance and support. It gets to the root cause of problems - like pulling out weeds by the root instead of constantly chopping off the tops. . -–Diane Goodson, LMT, Colorado, USA

The tools and skills I learned in Malabika's Mentorship Program are invaluable. I wish I could have learned them 20 years ago. Malabika helped me to understand and clear a lot of issues that had plagued me for many years and brought peace and understanding into my life -Mark J. Retired technician, Iowa, USA

Malabika gently guided me in my experiencing that which transcends conventional wisdom - yet built on what science is just beginning to understand about energy. I trust Malabika's experience, groundedness in academia, and her spirit that emanates total integrity. - Dr. Noa Davenport, Organizational Consultant, Bern, Switzerland

Energy Healing Arts

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an effective and powerful technique that releases deeply held physical and emotional trauma.

Law of Attraction

Teaches the to use of 'attention' and 'intention' to deliberately attract higher vibrations and so enhance the quality of our lives.


Reiki removes blocks and opens up our Energy channels, deeply relaxes the body and centers the mind.