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Reiki is the universal healing energy we can all access. It is the most sweet, gentle and loving power that enfolds your being when you lend yourself to it. Reiki's calming effect on the mind allows your body to relax deeply. It becomes easy to hear the whispers of your inner voice, always beckoning you towards your highest wellbeing.

As a certified Reiki Master for more than 24 years, I offer you state-of-the-art Reiki in a combination of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki.

Reiki energy addresses your physical issues as well as the mental and emotional ones needing healing. Moreover Reiki opens up your spiritual channels with the invitation towards your true self. Reiki runs deep.

It allows your intuition to unfold. It demands nothing but your willingness to receive. Your High Self does the work.

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