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This one-time Personal Healing session is powerful. It addresses your whole being at multiple levels.
From the very physical to the mental and emotional planes, we go all the way through the heart center to the soul's primary spiritual purpose.
You and I work with the guidance of your High Self to clear blocks at multiple levels of consciousness that have been getting in your way.
Awareness of these blocks alone starts the process of their dissolution and clearing the path.

The Personal Intensive is not limited to any one technique. The guidance comes from yours needs, your High Self and from Spirit.
Years of practice with the techniques in my toolbox, now allows me to hone in to your healing needs almost intuitively.
This I freely share with you and teach you simple self-supporting tools so you can continue with the work.

All you need to come with is a strong desire to heal and to embrace the freedom that comes with the truth of who you really are.

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