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Previous Discourses and Meditations

A Slice of Evolving Science

A Story by Gautam Mukerjee
This is a story of how radical new ideas find their way to mainstream. Throughout history leading thinkers who ask new questions and discover new realities face resistance from the gatekeepers of the existing paradigm.

Heart Coherence Meditation

Malabika Shaw
This simple three step Heart Coherence meditation connects us with our greater body-mind-energy field and allows to focus on the here and now, on gratitude and appreciation and on the next step.

The Four Bodies

Darreck Chen
During its journey to earth school, our soul is equipped with and housed in a multi-dimensional vehicle comprising Four Bodies,
that are connected to higher consciousness.

Conscious Living

Alvia Cecilia McGarry
While we understand that everything is energy, and we attract the vibrations we create, rarely do we recognize the impact of our expressions in aiding or thwarting our vision.

Initiating the Age of Wisdom

Yogi Govinda Niranjan
Information is a source of power. It has been used to elevate, educate and uplift society as well as to manipulate, propagate hidden agenda and exploit.

Dynamics of Relating

Yogi Shri Govinda Niranjan
From the Eastern philosophical perspective, Yogi Niranjan helps us understand how our consciousness expresses through multiple strata of Intelligence, Mind and Ego.