Gene Keys are a new codebook of consciousness ~ Richard Rudd, Gene Keys originator

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When mankind is ready to take the next evolutionary step into consciousness, a treasured wisdom is gifted to the human psyche. The Gene Keys is that gift for our times.

The soul is here with a purpose. Everything we need to fulfill that purpose is already genetically embedded in our DNA. Our personal Gene Keys profile, paves the way for awareness, realization and evolution on the path.

Gene Keys is a self study program designed to activate our inner unique genius, clear the path of relationships, and reveal our higher purpose. In realizing the soul's purpose we create our own path to prosperity.

This guidance program is to support you in your study.

How to proceed:

    Call me for a complimentary chat to ask questions and find out what books and resources you need.
    Schedule Profile Introduction and Reading sessions. Receive a reading on the highlights your profile and specific guidance to proceed.
    Join the Gene Keys Study Circle to continue. We will meet each month and receive prompts and suggestions in the weeks in between.

Hologenetic Personal Profile Reading
(By appointment)

Single session $145
Package of 2 sessions: $ 230

Limited Study Circle memberships offered on first come basis.

Genius Sequence. 8 Alternate Thursdays. 10.30 to noon
Venus Sequence 12 Alternate Thursdays

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